Online Homebuyer Education Course Outline

Section I: Qualifying for a Home Loan
Topic A: The Pros & Cons of Homeownership
Topic B: The Costs Associated with Buying a Home
Topic C: The Down Payment and Loan-to-Value
Topic D: Qualifying Ratios and Credit History
Topic E: Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval

Section II: House Hunting
Topic A: Your Housing Preferences
Topic B: Finding a Home
Topic C: Making an Offer
Topic D: The Home Inspection

Section III: Shopping for a Home Loan
Topic A: Shopping For A Loan
Topic B: Applying For A Loan
Topic C: Loan Processing
Topic D: Loan Approval & Prepare For Closing
Topic E: Closing The Loan

Section IV: Being a Homeowner
Topic A: Settling In
Topic B: Your Responsibilities
Topic C: Home Maintenance
Topic D: Household Budget
Topic E: Benefits of Homeownership

Students will be measured on their level understanding of the course material with four, graded tests. The questions are designed to be relatively easy as long as the student reads, learns, and understands the material. The Certificate of Completion will show the student's overall achieved score.