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For many Americans, the largest obstacle to homeownership is saving enough for down payment. And still, many others simply do not having enough income to qualify for a mortgage.

With assistance from public and private organizations who wish to promote homeownership, it is possible to achieve the American Dream. Yet every year, many of these funds go to waste because many Americans are not aware of these special housing assistance programs. In an effort to promote awareness, HomeBuyerFunds.com is dedicated to informing Americans about special housing assistance programs for both the current and future homeowner. We believe homeownership and safe housing conditions should be a reasonable goal for Americans.

Our Funds Finder Tool will retrieve affordable housing programs that offer financial assistance on home ownership and/or home rehabilitation, ranging from free grants to zero-percent interest loans. We hope this Web site will prove to be valuable for people who are looking to buy a home for the first time or own a house that is currently in need of repair.