Home Improvement How-To's: Replacing a Sink Sprayer

A sink sprayer adds functionality to your sink. They're easy to attach, but you'll need a sink with a hole intended for a sink sprayer. As with any plumbing part, you'll be better off in the long run if you choose a quality sprayer from a well-known manufacturer.


You can attach a sink sprayer in about half an hour.

Basin wrench
Slip joint pliers

Plumber's putty
Sink sprayer

Step 1 Apply a 1/4-inch bead of plumber's putty to the bottom edge of the sprayer base. Put the tailpiece of the sprayer base into the sink opening.

Step 2
From underneath the sink, put a friction washer over the tailpiece. Screw the mounting nut onto the tailpiece and tighten it with a basin wrench or with a pair of slip joint pliers. Wipe away any excess putty from around the base.

Use your fingers to screw the sprayer hose onto the hose nipple on the bottom of the faucet. After hand-tightening the hose nut, tighten it another one quarter-turn, using a basin wrench or a pair of slip joint pliers.