Home Improvement How-To's: Replacing a Door Pull

Look for replacement door pulls sized to match the existing holes in your cabinets. If you don't, you'll need to fill the old holes and conceal them. With painted cabinets, you can hide the patch with touch-up paint. With wood cabinets, select a wood filler that matches the surrounding finish. Matching all-laminate cabinets with filler is difficult and not recommended. Instead, just get replacement hardware that matches the old holes.


You can replace all the hardware on an 8-foot section of wall in approximately 3 hours.

Drill with bits
Combination square

Replacement hardware


Step 1 Step 1
Take off the old door pull by removing the fastening screw. If you won't be using the same screw hole, patch the hole with a wood filler that matches the finish of the cabinet door. Use a combination square to make consistent layout marks on the doors for the new door knobs.

Step 2
Drill new holes from the front of the door. Take care not to press so hard as to splinter the back side of the door when the drill bit comes through. Insert a fastening screw into the hole and attach the knob by tightening it to the door. Some fastening screws are made of soft metal so be careful not to strip the threads.