Home Improvement How-To's: Install TV Coxial Cable

It sure would be nice to have cable TV in that spare bedroom you've converted into an office. But before you pay the cable guy for coming to your house and extending your cable run, see how you can spend an hour doing it yourself. With the money you'll save, it'll be like getting a month or two of free cable!



You should be able to complete a short run in a simple installation in an hour or less.


Adjustable wrench
Combination tool
Fish tape


Coaxial cable
Wallboard screws
Cable splitter

Step 1
Install a signal splitter where the entry cable connects to the indoor TV cables, usually in the basement or another utility area. Attach one end of the new coaxial cable to an outlet nipple on the splitter. Splitters are available with two, three, or four nipples to handle multiple runs of new cable. Anchor the splitter to a framing member with wallboard screws.

Step 2
Run the coaxial cable to the location of the new television jack. You'll probably need to use a fish tape to snake the cable through a finished wall. Just keep the new cable at least 6 inches away from electrical wiring to avoid signal interference. If you're lucky enough to be working on new construction, just mark the floor so you can find the cable easily after the walls are finished (as shown).