Home Maintenance - Fall Checklist

Check weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors - replace or repair as needed
Check for cracks and holes in house siding - fill with caulking as necessary
Remove window air-conditioners or put weatherproof covers on them
Clean gutter and drain pipes so that leaves will not clog them
Check roof for leaks - repair as needed
Check flashing around vents, skylights, and chimneys for leaks
Check chimney for damaged chimney caps and loose or missing mortar
Check chimney flue - clean obstructions - make sure damper closes tightly
  If in snow, cold climates:
Take down screens, clean and store
Check storm windows and doors - clean and repair as needed - put back up if they are removable

Check insulation wherever possible - replace or add as necessary
Have heating system and heat pump serviced - have humidifier checked - change or clean filters on furnaces
Drain hot water heater and remove sediment from bottom of tank - clean burner surfaces - adjust burners
Check all faucets for leaks - replace washers if necessary
Check and clean humidifier in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
Clean refrigerator coils

Home Maintenance - Fall Checklist for Homebuyers.
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