Home Maintenance - Spring Checklist

Check all weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors - especially if you have air-conditioning
Check outside house for cracked or peeled paint - caulk and repaint as necessary
Check all door and window screens - patch or replace as needed - put screen up if removable type)
Remove, clean, and store storm windows (if removable)

Replace filters on air-conditioners
Check and cleaned dryer vent, stove hood, and room fans - change or clean filters on furnace
Check seals on refrigerator and freezer - clean refrigerator coils - clean burner surfaces - adjust burners
Clean fireplace, leave damper open for improved ventilation if home is not air-conditioned
Check basement wall and floors for dampness - if too moist, remedy as appropriate
Clean dehumidifier according to manufacturer's instructions
Check for leaky faucets - replace washers as necessary
Check attic for proper ventilation - open vents
Clean drapes and blinds - repair as needed


Home Maintenance - Spring Checklist for Homebuyers.
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