House Inspection List 
Look for the following items. If you see any of these problems, place a checkmark in the box next to the item.
stains on basement walls leaking, plumbing, especially the main water line (turn on the water and look at the pipes.
moss, mildew, or stains on lower siding main electrical service that is too small (turn on lots of lights and appliances at the same time to see if they blow a fuse or circuit breaker.
stains or mildew on underside of roof extension cords running a long way
soggy areas to yard odd smells, such as sewer gas
eroded areas in walkway or driveway lack of insulation in attic (there should be thick insulation on the floor or ceiling)
roof that sags in the middle signs of termites or ants
walls that curve in and out old flaky paint on sills or trim
windows or doors that look crooked flaky paint on the outside
porches that lean or sag floor covering that is worn in large areas
diagonal cracks above doors and windows siding that is wavy or spongy underneath
slipping or shifted foundation roof cover that is seriously worn or has many layers
floors that feel spongy or uneven inside doors or windows that don't fit
houses that are built on wood posts or sill beams on ground very high heating or air conditioning bills (ask the owner if you can look at the bills)
Make sure that you take the time to do a thorough job of evaluating each property before making a decision.
House Inspection Worksheet for Homebuyers.
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