Lender Comparison Worksheet

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Name of Lender      
Phone Number      
Name of Contact      
Amount of Mortgage      
Type of Mortgage Available (fixed, ARM, FHA, VA, other)      
Interest rate      
Loan Terms (15, 20, 30)      
Minimum down payment required:      
   Without PMI      
   With PMI      
If PMI required:      
   Upfront Cost      
   Monthly Premium      
   How long required?      
Loan Processing Time      
   Upon application or approval?      
   Interest rate and points?      
   Written agreement?      
   Effective how long?      
   Lower lock-in if rates drop?      
   Is there a penalty?      
   Extra payments allowed?      
Escrow required?      
   for taxes?      
   for insurance?      
Closing Cost Estimates:      
   Application/document preparation/origination fee      
   Credit report fee      
   Appraisal fee      
   Survey fee      
   Escrow/Attorney fee      
   Title search/insurance      
   Assumption Fee      
Payment Schedule (Monthly or biweekly)      

Lender Comparison for Homebuyers.
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