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Step 1: Purchase Price

Enter the Purchase Price from the Down Payment Calculator.

Step 2: Down Payment
Enter the Down Payment from the Down Payment Calculator. The Purchase Price, % Down and Loan Amount automatically recalculate if one of the three numbers is changed.

Step 3: Appraisal, Credit Report and Inspection Fees
The Appraisal Fee, Credit Report Fee, and Inspection Fee default to $275.00, $65.00, and $175.00 (this is an estimated amount). You may change any or all of these entries.

Step 4: Closing Costs
The Closing Costs are automatically calculated on 3% of the Purchase Price.

Step 5: Settling-In Costs
If you anticipate settling in costs when you move (new dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc.) enter the amount in Settling-In Costs.

Step 6: Calculate
Click calculate in order to see the results - the Total Closing Costs.

Disclaimer: Our mortgage calculators are presented strictly for illustrative purposes. All results disclosed by our calculators are estimates and assumes no liability or responsibility for computational errors. makes no guaranty or representation that you will qualify for any particular loan, loan amount or loan terms.

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