Mortgage Calculator: Closing Costs

This calculator will estimate your closing costs.

Purchase Price $
Percent of Down Payment   %
Down Payment Amount  
Loan Amount $
Percent of Closing Costs   %
Closing Costs* $
Appraisal Fee* $
Credit Report Fee* $
Inspection Fee* $
Settling-In costs* $
Total Closing Costs $
*Fees are estimates. Check with your lender for actual fees.



Step 1: Purchase Price
Enter the Purchase Price from the Down Payment Calculator.

Step 2: Down Payment
Enter the Down Payment from the Down Payment Calculator. The Purchase Price, % Down and Loan Amount automatically recalculate if one of the three numbers is changed.

Step 3: Appraisal, Credit Report and Inspection Fees
The Appraisal Fee, Credit Report Fee, and Inspection Fee default to $275.00, $65.00, and $175.00 (this is an estimated amount). You may change any or all of these entries.

Step 4: Closing Costs
The Closing Costs are automatically calculated on 3% of the Purchase Price.

Step 5: Settling-In Costs
If you anticipate settling in costs when you move (new dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc.) enter the amount in Settling-In Costs.

Step 6: Calculate
Click Calculate in order to see the results - the Total Closing Costs.