Mortgage Calculator: PITI Payment

This calculator determines your principle, interest, tax, and insurance monthly payment.

Monthly Principle & Interest Calculator

Term      Yrs
Interest Rate      %
Loan Amount    $
Estimated Payment    $


Step 1 - Term
Enter the Term of the loan in years.

Step 2 - Interest Rate
Enter the Interest Rate on the loan. If you are not sure leave the default entry of 7.25%.

Step 3 - Loan Amount
Enter the Loan Amount from the Closing Cost Calculator. When entering a new loan amount, enter the dollar amount without the decimal and cents.

Step 4 - Calculate
Click the Calculate button to see what the Estimated Principal and Interest Payment is for the loan amount and term entered.

Monthly Tax & Insurance Calculator

Home Purchase Price
Tax Rate   %
Estimated Monthly Taxes & Insurance $


Step 1 - Home Purchase Price
Enter the Purchase Price from the Down Payment Calculator. You do not need to enter a dollar sign, decimal or cents.

Step 2 - Tax Rate
The tax rate has a default entry of .25%. If you know the tax rate in your area is different you can change the numeric entry.

Step 3 - Calculate
Click Calculate to see what the Estimated Monthly Tax and Insurance Payment is for the Purchase Price and Tax Rate entered.

Monthly PITI Payment

Principle & Interest $
Tax & Insurance $
Monthly PITI $
The Estimated Principal and Interest Amount from the Principal & Interest Calculator and the Tax and Insurance Amount from the Tax & Insurance Calculator has already been automatically entered.

The monthly PITI is calculated by adding the monthly payments in the Tax and Insurance Calculator and the Principal and Interest Calculator. The result is the monthly PITI payment.